Look to improve the outside first, homeowners told

Property owners looking to improve their residence should do so from the outside first, it has been asserted.

The list of options for upgrading the exterior of a home can be long and includes building a conservatory, kitchen extension or glazed canopy.

Homebuilding and Renovating magazine recently suggested people should look to boost the outdoor aesthetics if the wish to increase its appeal.

Assistant editor Melanie Griffiths noted this should be the first port of call for homeowners.

She said: "Anyone looking to maximise the kerb appeal of their home would do well to take a good look at the exterior."

The expert added it "is easy to see the interior as a blank canvas", but more difficult to forgive faults outside.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that 83 per cent of conservation areas are having their status threatened by the presence of plastic windows and doors, while 31 per cent have the same problem with inappropriate extensions.

A well chosen home upgrade may help improve the aesthetics, while tying in with the character of the surrounding area.