London gets new Garden Museum

Gardeners in London will soon be able to enjoy a brand new museum dedicated solely to their hobby.

The Garden Museum celebrates the art of gardening and took just four weeks to build, according to

Opening on November 19th, the museum is based in a medieval church near Lambeth Bridge.

The new gallery cost half a million pounds and is encompassed in prefabricated wooden panels to make sure that the 14th century church is not damaged.

"Whats exciting is we are seeing this beautiful medieval church uncluttered and, in a matter of weeks, this new structure rising up inside which we think is really beautiful," Garden Museum director Christopher Woodward told the website.

"Its a ground-breaking use of new building technology. It enables us to put on displays for the first time of our collection of works of art. We will be the first gallery in Britain dedicated to gardens and garden design."

The new museum, which will include an exhibition on the life of Beth Chatto, replaces the smaller Museum of Garden History.

The museum adds to Londons already sterling reputation as a gardening hub. The gardens and greenhouses of Chelsea and Kew are just some of the capitals horticultural attractions.