London gardeners to get new growing tips

Londoners will soon have a new place to go for tips on how to use their garden and greenhouse to grow their own fruit and vegetables

Online produce retailer Grown For You is to provide growing tips for the new Healthy London Living website, keeping the citys residents up to date with what activities they should be carrying out at different times of the year.

Grown For You general manager Nick Coumbe explained that there is "plenty" to do, whether you are growing food in the garden, greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill.

"Were delighted to be able to team up with this new website and show just how easy it is to plant and tend your very own fruit and veg," he said.

Mr Coumbe added that Londoners will be able to grow fresher food than they have ever tasted by making use of their green space.

Healthy Living London was set up by Lesley Cohen to provide details on healthy products, recipes, courses, events and more.

Meanwhile, a new book called Growing Roses has been tipped as a good choice for gardeners due to its inclusion of humour and tasty recipes.