London could have EUs tallest building

Work on Londons "Shard of Glass" building has finally begun after years of delays.

The building, officially called Shard London Bridge, is to replace Southwark Towers and will become the latest of Londons iconic glass buildings.

Designed by Renzo Piano and measuring 310 meters, the 87-storey building will become the UKs tallest building.

The building now faces a race against time to be declared the tallest building in Europe after plans for the 318-meter La Defense in Paris were approved.

The futuristic looking building will use clever glazing techniques including angled panes to reflect light and changes in the sky.

It is the latest glazed landmark building to be approved in London following the "Gherkin" near Whitechapel, which won the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects Stirling Prize in 2004.

More recently, it was announced that work is to begin on One Westminster Place; a beautifully glazed oval building in Southbank, near Southwark tube station.

Glass seems to be the latest designer tool in the arsenal of the worlds best architects and one only has to look around Londons Canary Wharf to see the stunning effects of a glass façade.

Many Brits are now taking this idea into their own dwellings by installing designer conservatories, glass walls and lean-tos as a way of customising and improving their homes.