Locally-produced food

Crops that are grown locally are "fresh", "seasonal" and "packed full of flavour", according to the National Farmers Union (NFU).

Oliver Cartwright, a spokesman for the agricultural and horticultural organisation, explains that consumers are being placed under increasing pressure to help tackle climate change.

As such, he suggests that people make environmentally-conscious choices when making decisions about where to purchase their food from.

"Buying produce from just down the road cuts down on food miles and minimises problems like pollution," Mr Cartwright explains.

Concluding, he states that by buying food grown locally, people support regional economies and help the countryside to "flourish".

It may well be argued that food grown in greenhouses is the most local produce available.

Published in December 2007, the Co-Operative Banks Ethical Consumerism Report suggests that consumer spending on ethical food and drink was £4.8 billion for the year.

This reflected a rise of 17 per cent on 2006.