Listed buildings can still be improved

While those lucky enough to live in a listed building may imagine that this mean home improvements such as adding a conservatory or loft extension are a big no-no, this may not always be the case.

At present, any change to a listed building must come with listed building consent to ensure that the change is not out of keeping with the design of the building.

While it is important that the character of the building is preserved, this doesnt mean that owners have no hope of carrying out the improvements they desire.

According to HousePlanner architect Chris Martin, those wishing to make an addition to their listed home should ask for professional advice on how best to approach it.

"The rules for carrying out work to [listed buildings] are more stringent than ordinary buildings, but this doesnt necessarily mean you are not able to do what you want.

"You should seek professional advice at an early stage from an architect experienced in conservation of historic buildings."

Those who find themselves in this position are not alone, there are around 370,000 listed properties across Great Britain, 92 per cent of which are Grade II.

A roof light can help when converting a loft, with the alteration often being barely noticeable from the exterior.