Light up your life

Perhaps the best way of improving a home and injecting a little life into it is by opening it up and allowing healthy, natural sunlight in.

There are a number of ways to do this, some more common than others, such as adding skylights.

These roof-windows, if installed in the correct place, allow light to reach into typically dark places like loft conversions and landings.

Another clever trick is the use of mirrors in the home; a smartly placed mirror can bounce light around the home making it feel brighter and larger.

Placing one behind a lamp doubles the light intensity and spreads it around the room, while a plant in front of a mirror enhances the feeling of space and greenness.

But the best way of lighting up a room, or indeed a home, is by installing a lean-to glass wall or conservatory.

These add to the physical space while allowing plenty of light in, increasing the impression of space while giving an airy, healthy feel to the home.