Less change in bigger loan rates

Homeowners considering taking out a personal loan to finance a conservatory or loft conversion may be interested to hear the difference in rates over the last two years has been less noticeable with higher value sums.

MoneyFacts.co.uk figures show that while a £5,000 figure now comes with an average rate of 12.4 per cent, a £25,000 one is available for an average of 9.2 per cent.

These rates mark a respective increase of 44 per cent and 12 per cent over rates from May 2007.

While loans may be more expensive now, homeowners living near the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales may decide to act now to get their conservatory after hearing of proposals to extend the national parks.

According to the Daily Mail, the surrounding areas could soon fall under the remit of National Parks authorities.

It suggested this could mean extra layers of red tape for residents wishing to build home improvements.