Legionnaires outbreak reaches its peak

The number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease in Edinburgh has reached its peak, according to health chiefs. The number of confirmed cases stands at 42, whilst the number of suspected cases is 47. The disease has so far claimed the lives of two people, one who has been named as 56-year-old Robert Air from the Seafield area of the city and another whose identity has not yet been revealed.

Earlier this month, gardeners were advised to care, as legionella longbeachae is produced when compost decomposes. Gardeners were told to take precautions such as washing hands after handling compost and wearing gloves whilst gardening.

Health secretary, Nicola Sturgeon, confirmed that the outbreak has reached its peak.

“The number of cases involved in the outbreak remains static and this is further evidence that the outbreak has reached its peak,” she said.

“NHS Lothian are continuing to maintain high quality care for patients who remain unwell.”