Late April the right time to cut back fuchsias

Cutting back fuchsias is one of the most important jobs for greenhouse and gardening enthusiasts to get on with at this time of year, an expert has revealed.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, TV presenter, lecturer and author Helen Yemm said it is safe to trim this type of plant now.

"If cut almost to the ground they are much more attractive, flowering later but on all-new growth," she added.

Another task for the end of April is to remove hollyhock leaves that have rust on their undersides, as well as trimming the taller leafy shoots of Penstemons to allow the new growth lower down to flourish.

Also, Ms Yemm stated, bushiness in short-life perennials can be encouraged by cutting right back to the lowest shoots.

According to Gardens Illustrated, this time of year is a great moment to plant dahlias, remembering to protect the new shoots from late frost and put down slug traps.