Landscape expert writes on sustainable gardening

Those interested in sustainable gardening should note that a landscaping architecture expert has published a set of guidelines in the Newcastle Journal.

A trip to Sweden prompted Kate Bridger to investigate sustainable gardens after she visited large housing schemes mixed with organic sustainable landscaping in what she called a "stunningly attractive and perfectly harmonious environment".

Ms Bridger pointed out that the benefits of having a sustainable garden are both environmental and financial.

As one of her tips, she explained how to attract wildlife to the area.

"An easy tip to make gardens more sustainable is to plant species that attract insects, such as lavender buddleia, or any species that has berries, such as pyracantha and skimmia, which attract birds," she wrote in the Newcastle Journal.

She also suggests using native plant species as they are more likely to thrive in their natural environment.

Examples of these could be hawthorn for hedges or even beech trees.

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