Lancashire farmer plans huge greenhouse

A Lancashire farmer is planning to build a greenhouse that would cover the area of 13 football pitches, it has been reported.

While the 50,000 sq m greenhouse is only at the pre-planning stage, it would help the owner of Mitton Green Farm grow vegetables all year round, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

Although the proposed greenhouse is much larger than average, National Farmers Union Lancashire chairman David Graveston explained to the newspaper that it could benefit the local area and was positive about it being given the go-ahead.

"It might seem like a very big and visible greenhouse but it could be a boost to the Ribble Valley," he said.

"I would imagine the greenhouse would be used to run as a business, which is a positive in the current climate, and I would be almost certain that it would create extra jobs as it would be too big for one person to run.

"It sounds like it might be good news for the East Lancashire farming community."

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