Kitchens best places to invest

Kitchens are repeatedly identified as the best places for people renovating their homes to invest cash, it has been noted.

In news that may be of interest to people considering a kitchen extension or other home improvement, an article on online resource 999Today suggests that the most effective room to splash the cash in.

The piece suggests that consumers do not cut corners, adding that a well-designed kitchen will offer a huge return should the individual choose to put their home on the market at a later date.

It adds that people should consider visual continuity before undertaking any major work, suggesting that consumers "Ask [themselves], does this style of kitchen go with the dining room?"

In related news, an article in the online pages of the Times recently noted that the glass sliding doors on a kitchen extension in Glasgow helped to provide natural light into the new room as well as bringing a sense of the outdoors into the interior space.