Kitchen extensions de rigueur for Brits

British home improvements have progressed to a stage where adding a kitchen extension is a common consideration, it has been suggested.

Isobel McKenzie-Price, editor of Ideal Home magazine, makes the assertion to The Guardian.

She explains that such efforts come amid a greater level of awareness among homeowners of the financial benefits to be derived from making a property bigger.

"Weve gone from this is a nice table lamp to how to build a new kitchen extension," she observes, referring to the types of articles which appear in property publications.

Ms McKenzie-Price adds that homeowners are now "hyper-aware that their house is their biggest asset".

As such, she notes a trend towards regarding a structure as "property" rather than as a "home".

Ideal Home offers guidance to those hoping to put in place a kitchen extension, with high-gloss units and extensive use of glass recommended.

The publication notes that such materials can allow for large amounts of light to be let into a modern-looking interior.