Kim Wilde advises gardeners to go green

Growing your own food could work out cheaper in the long run and benefit both your own and your gardens health, according to celebrity gardener Kim Wilde.

Supporting the Greener Gardens campaign from Yorkshire Bank and the National Trust, Ms Wilde advises there are many ways in which to make a garden more environmentally friendly.

"(People) can get involved in doing things like making their own compost by using their kitchen waste, cardboard boxes (and) loo roll holders," she said.

"(Its) a great soil improver and its a healthy way of recycling.

"Healthy soil means healthy plants, and healthy plants are stronger at withstanding disease and that kind of thing."

Ms Wilde suggests using a seeping hose that can be put on a timer, allowing greater control over water wastage and ensuring that plants get water where they need it most – at the roots.

The Greener Gardens campaign is aimed at getting the nations gardeners to go green and grow their own fruit and veg, which will also help cut fuel emissions.