Killer Slugs To Decimate UK Gardens – Time To Get a Greenhouse?

The slug, originating from Spain can grow up to five inches long, and have been found eating dead rodents, dog mess and even each other! This new species, Arion Vulgaris, was first identified in East Anglia at the end of 2012, and has already caused havoc in Scandinavia, where slugs gorging on road kill produced so much slime it became a hazard.

Apparently transported to our shores on imports of salad leaves and other vegetables from Spain, this spring could see decimation of many of our favourite flowers, plants and vegetables.

Ian Bedford, Head of Entomology at the John Innes Centre in Norwich believes we should be concerned:

“It’s obviously of great concern that we now have this species here. There are lots of reports from around the country of massive problems with slugs…”

The Royal Horticultural Society has stated that the most common complaint in 2012 from farmers and gardeners alike was slugs. The organisation says it remains to be seen whether these slugs can be controlled with ordinary slug pellets.

 If, like myself you can attest to this slimy issue, and have had many of your plants ruined by these hungry molluscs then maybe it is time to invest in a greenhouse to protect the toil of your labour.

Here at Gabriel Ash, we can provide a green house that can stylishly end your slug nightmares, to your specifications. Why take the risk of literally having the fruits of your labour munched by this gang of hungry slugs? Stop 2013 becoming the year of the slug and invest in a Gabriel Ash greenhouse today.

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