Keeping your plants at their best with your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Successfully growing your own plants can be hard work, but Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses come with a variety of features that will help you to keep your plants at their best. The Cedar wood greenhouse is a particularly ideal choice as it not only provides a beautiful structure for your garden and ages well, it is also rot resistant and contains natural oils that release a pleasant aroma and repel insects. This helps to keep your plants free from pest damage, allowing them to thrive and providing you with better results.

It is important that your plants are provided with just the right amount of heat, water and light. Leaving your greenhouse unheated could cause damage, so be sure to add extra lighting or heating if needed. If you wish to save a little money, then adding bubble wrap will provide extra insulation. To keep track of the temperature within your greenhouse, add a thermometer. This will give you an idea of whether or not the temperature is right for your plants.

The best way to provide regular care for your plants is to draw up a plan. If you are planning to grow salad greens such as lettuce, then the best time to sow seeds is early winter. It is important that you are aware of when to start growing each plant, so that you can begin a regular routine of caring for it. If you have little experience with growing plants, then start out with a plant that is easy to care for before moving onto more challenging plants. Research the requirements of every plant thoroughly, so that you are able to look after it properly.

An annual cleanout of your greenhouse will help to keep your plants healthy. This is a good idea if you find that you are too busy to clean out your greenhouse on a regular basis. Any items you do not need, such as broken pots or tools, should be removed, along with any weeds or dead plants. Tools and the glass panes of your greenhouse should be cleaned thoroughly. Check your plants on a regular basis for any signs of damage caused by pests. If you find that you are experiencing problems with pests, then try using natural methods of pest removal to avoid using insect repellents, which are often contain harmful chemicals.

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