Keeping your Gabriel Ash greenhouse healthy

Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses are designed to provide your plants with everything they need in order to thrive. These spectacular greenhouses are made from the finest Western Red Cedar wood, which is designed to provide you with a variety of features that will provide a healthy environment for your plants and garden.

Harmful chemicals can lead to an unhealthy atmosphere within your greenhouse and are often found in insect repellent. Garden pests are a common problem and it is important that you take the right steps in order to remove them without using harmful chemicals that may damage your plants.

There are many organic methods of pest removal that you can use in order to keep your greenhouse and plants healthy. Organic methods may be more hard work, but will provide you with many benefits. If you have opted for the Western Cedar Wood greenhouse, then you will be provided with a number of benefits, as cedar wood is rot resistant and repels insects, allowing you to avoid using harmful insect repellents.

The most common types of garden pests are aphids, slugs and whitefly. Checking for these types of insects regularly will allow you to ensure that your plants are kept healthy. In addition to cedar wood, you can also use organic soap spray to remove aphids.
Enticing birds or hedgehogs to your garden will also reduce the amount of pests in your greenhouse. Placing a bird bath or bird house near to your greenhouse will help to reduce the risk of your plants being damaged by slugs.

Another way of keeping your greenhouse healthy is to grow your fruit and vegetables organically. Organic fruit and vegetables will not only keep your greenhouse and garden healthy but also allow you and your family to enjoy a number of fantastic health benefits.

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