Keep your plants at their best with Gabriel Ash greenhouses

Gabriel Ash offers a wide variety of spectacular greenhouses that are designed to help your plants thrive. With so many designs available, you are sure to find the right greenhouse for your plants. In addition to these stunning designs, Gabriel Ash also offers a variety of greenhouses accessories to help you give your plants the treatment that they need in order to grow.

To keep your plants healthy, avoid placing plants that have different requirements to others in the same greenhouse. Some plants may require more heat or light than others, so be sure to research exactly what your plants need in order to thrive. A greenhouse that provides plenty of heat is ideal for desert type plants such as cacti, which only need to be watered every so often.

As some plants do not require lots of heat, you will need to make sure that there is plenty of ventilation. Opening your greenhouse doors and windows will provide your plants with plenty of ventilation, which they will need in the summer. To add extra ventilation to your greenhouse, you may want to consider installing an extractor fan.

Clear your greenhouse of any pesky insects or weeds, as these will prevent your plants from growing properly. Insect repellent will help to get rid of insects, but check that it is suitable to use around your plants. If you have any dead plants or dead leaves, then be sure to remove them, as this will provide a healthier atmosphere for your other plants.

Damage to your greenhouse or untidiness may affect the growth of your plants so be sure to check for any cracks in your glass panes and remove any clutter from your greenhouse. Clean your glass panes regularly to give your plants access to natural sunlight and be sure to fix any broken heaters or extractor fans, which could prevent your plants from growing.

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