Keep unruly plants in check

Green spaces can be uncontrolled and often require some discipline to keep them in check, according to a sector commentator.

Dan Pearson makes his comments in the online pages of the Observer, suggesting that "a garden has a mind of its own".

He suggests that horticulturalists will find it easier to prepare for such eventualities rather than struggle to remedy an unruly plant situation after it has developed.

Mr Pearson points out that gardeners need not always stick to sensible and practical plants and that they can introduce more adventurous foliage into their green space if they wish.

"The secret is finding the balance between sensible and romantic, practical and unpredictable," he concludes.

In other news, Clio Turton, senior press officer at the Soil Association, recently stated that much of growing plants at home is "trial and error", adding that the more experience people get, the better they will become at cultivating produce.