Keep the birds happy for a healthy garden

Keeping the birds happy is a great way for greenhouse enthusiasts to keep their garden in good shape, an expert has revealed.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Bunny Guinness remarked that just two blue tits can remove more than a thousand caterpillars every day.

"Birds and the right kind of bugs are your front line troops in the battle to control garden pests," she added, pointing out that a bird table will attract feathered friends.

Keeping pests at bay in a vegetable patch is a big part of a successful harvest and allowing the birds to remove them naturally gets rid of the problem of applying chemicals, Ms Guinness continued.

The specialist went on to point out that different birds are better at certain tasks, citing song thrushes as being particularly good at hovering up slugs and snails.

Recently, Jasper Copping wrote in the same publication that record numbers of birds are heading to urban British gardens because their regular food sources were frozen over in January.