Judy Fenyvesi recommends flower arranging for gardeners

Gardendesigner.co.uks Judy Fenyvesi has written in her blog how her love for gardening led her to take up the art of flower arranging.

She said the garden and greenhouse can be used practically when growing flowers and shouldnt necessarily be kept just for ornamental purposes.

She says if people grow food to eat then why not grow flowers and foliage to give the materials for flower arranging.

"Many of us will have Ivy growing on our gardens, or at least know someone who has, and this is such a useful plant to have in many flower arrangements as it can give a great effect by trailing over the side of a container," she wrote.

"With Christmas coming up, if you spray just the black berries of the Ivy with a silver or gold spray and place it around candles it can form the basis of a very attractive table display."

Ms Fenyvesi recommends a number of plants that can be used as foliage in flower arranging, including the Eucalyptus gunnii, which can be constantly harvested to give aromatic leaves all year round.