Judy Fenyvesi advises on autumnal gardening

Garden Designing resident expert Judy Fenyvesi has been giving out tips on autumn gardening as the leaves begin to fall in the UK.

She recommends mowing the lawn with a high blade and getting an early start with winter digging and pruning.

"If you have any tall roses in your garden, then Id prune them back in height now to reduce ‘wind rock, which is what happens when the winter wind rocks the plants back and forth," she writes.

"Not only does this cause structural damage to the plant itself, but also this rocking creates a gap between the soil around the base of the plant whereby water can collect and rot the plant."

Improving the soil in the garden in autumn can pay off when plants come to flower in the spring and summer months.

Spreading well-rotted compost over existing soil will help but try to dig it in for maximum effect.

Finally, raking the lawn will help remove moss by scarifying the surface.