Its Official Gardening is Good for You

If your partner comments on the amount of time you spend in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse, you can now point out that you are doing it for health reasons!

A new study suggests gardening can add zeal and increase energy levels for older adults. Researchers from Texas University surveyed adult gardeners and non-gardeners .

According to Aime Sommerfeld, lead author of the study published in Hort Technology, gardeners were more likely to plan ahead, have more energy and take part in daily physical activity.

More than 75 percent of gardeners who participated in the survey rated their health as either “very good” or “excellent.” Gardeners also reported eating more fruit and vegetables because of their exposure to gardening.

“These factors, in conjunction with higher physical activity, result in healthier lifestyles and increased quality of life,” the researchers wrote.

The study presents strong evidence that gardening can be an effective way for older adults to increase life satisfaction while also increasing physical activity.

“Gardening provides participants with opportunities to reconnect with themselves through nature and a healthy activity to enhance their quality of life,” Sommerfeld concluded.

Author: Robert Smith