Is Gardeners’ Question Time Racist?

A leading academic has accused BBC Radio 4’s long running gardening show Gardeners’ Question Time of peddling racist stereotypes.

According to the academic, Ben Pitcher, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Westminster, the programme promoted fascist and nationalist beliefs in its discussions about soil purity and non-native species.

Speaking on another Radio 4 programme, Thinking Allowed, Dr Pitcher claimed that that the show was saturated with racial meanings;

“The context here is the rise of Nationalism. The rise of racist and fascist parties across Europe. Nationalism is about shoring up a fantasy about national integrity. My question is, what feeds nationalism?”

Bob Flowerdew, presenter of Gardeners’ Question Time labelled Dr Pitchers claims as  “utter rubbish”. He said;

“People aren’t gardening because they have a narrow nationalist view of the world. They are gardening because they enjoy it and like to be outside in nice surroundings.”

Image courtesy of the BBC