Iowa gardeners pack up for winter

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Iowa have been told to pack up their tools for winter after a long summer growing season.

According to, those renting Cedar Rapids city garden plots have been asked to clear their allotments to allow the local authority to prepare for winter.

The leased horticultural plots will be cleared this week by the city parks and recreation departments, signalling the end of the growing season.

It was reported that all gardeners were asked to take away whatever produce and growing items remain by the weekend (October 17th) to allow the land to be mowed and ploughed under in preparation for winter.

Those without a garden and greenhouse of their own were advised to come back next year and rent one of the city’s plots for a small fee.

These are located in the Tuma, Ellis and Squaw Creek Parks.

Meanwhile, the News Register explained that gardeners are currently racing to get all of their fall chores done before winter.