Invest in a conservatory rather than move

Visitors to last weeks London Homebuilding and Renovating Show were advised that improving their homes rather than moving is the best idea for the time being.

With the current lack of confidence in the property market meaning prices are at a low for sellers, enhancing the home with a conservatory or kitchen extension could be the answer.

According to the Homebuilding and Renovating Show website, a conservatory "will add space and value but the best conservatories are those that are essentially an extension to an existing space, such as a kitchen or living room".

"The current lack of confidence in the property market means, for many, moving house is no longer an option and making the most of your current home is the most sensible strategy," says the website.

"Updating, re-modelling or using the space in your home more effectively could really enhance the way you live and, more importantly, add value for when it is time to sell."

A conservatory can open up the home, allowing beneficial natural light in while keeping the elements out.