Intensive beds have high yields

Intensive plant beds can produce high quantities of produce, it has been asserted.

Mary Jane Breitling makes her comments in the West Fargo Pioneer, quoting the booklet Gardening by the Inch, she explains that a bed which measures five feet by five feet can yield 200 lbs of vegetables or more.

She adds that a 100 sq ft patch has the potential to provide enough vegetables to feed a family of four people.

Ms Breitling goes on to note that the small size of intensive beds makes them easy to prepare, adding that they also require less maintenance as there is a smaller area to water and weed than would be the case in a larger patch.

Concluding, she explains that intensive beds need not be rectangular and as such they can fit almost anywhere in a garden.

In related news, the Times Online recently covered a report which suggested that vegetable patches should be located as close to the house as possible to allow gardening enthusiasts to retrieve produce from their plot with the least amount of trouble possible.