Install a Veg-Table to avoid all that bending down

According to Aylesbury resident Stephanie Knight, her Veg-Table allowed her to keep growing her own produce despite suffering from a bad hip, the Bucks Herald reports.

Designed in the shape of a v-shaped water trough and raised to around a metre off the ground, the Veg-Table is a very simple contraption, but its benefits are huge, Ms Knight stated.

“It allows you to dig, seed, water, maintain and harvest your crop of vegetables without all the bending down or wishing you’d been brave enough to ask for one of those garden knee pads for Christmas,” she added.

They are also suitable for wheelchair users and can be used to successfully cultivate spinach, rocket, radishes and lettuce, among others.

Ms Knight added that working with an accessory like this is “great fun” and can be an excellent way to get children involved in horticulture