Improving your greenhouse environment with Gabriel Ash

When adding a greenhouse to your garden, you will need to ensure that you take the right steps to provide a healthy environment for your plants. Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of greenhouses that are designed to provide a variety of benefits for you and your plants. Not only are these spectacular greenhouses made from the finest materials, they also add plenty of elegance and beauty to your garden, providing you with a structure that is sure to impress.

If you have opted for a wood greenhouse, you will find that this design requires more maintenance than other types. However, those with a cedar wood design will find their greenhouse much easier to maintain as this type of wood is rot resistant. Many greenhouses need re-painting after a few years, but the cedar wood greenhouse transforms into a beautiful colour over time that will keep your greenhouse and garden looking fantastic.

It is important that you clean the glass on your greenhouse regularly, removing any stains or algae. Any cracked panes will need to be removed and replaced so that your plants can receive the right amount of natural sunlight. Clean glass panes that are in good condition will provide a healthier environment within your greenhouse.

Any dead or diseased plants will need to be removed from your greenhouse. Keeping diseased plants within your greenhouse will create an unhygienic environment and cause damage to any other plants so it is important that unhealthy plants are removed or placed in an area where other plants will not be affected.

Extra heating or lighting will improve the atmosphere within your greenhouse. If you are planning to grow a new exotic plant, then you will need to be aware of how much heat and light the plant requires so that you can provide it with everything it needs in order for it to successfully grow.

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