Improve the garden, improve your view

UK citizens spent billions of pounds on their gardens last year – £4 billion to be more accurate.

Many people will be going the whole hog this year too, in spite of the current financial climate.

For those who are planning an entire garden makeover, a conservatory could improve the look of the garden massively.

If youre looking to keep your garden looking good, a good idea is to find some gardener friends to swap plants with.

This will help save money and also gives any plants that dont take to your soil a second chance somewhere else.

Swapping cuttings and seeds with a friend will also help you add a bit of variety to the garden, helping to improve the view from the conservatory.

Taking care of your garden and adding a conservatory or glass extension to your home should add a feeling of space, health and freshness to the interior.

The number of possible designs is only limited by your imagination and no matter what size or shape your home is, a glazed extension can give it and added dimension.