Ikea Garden Gnome Advert Leads to Complaints

Dozens of viewers have complained about the latest advert by homeware behemoth Ikea, which shows a couple using violent methods to destroy garden gnomes.

The “Say No to Gnomes” campaign depicts a family updating their garden with new features, only for the gnomes to launch a revenge attack. The garden owners then fight back by kicking them across the garden, and firing a jet of hosepipe water at them.

The ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) have received over 50 complaints, many stating that the advert encourages anti-social behaviour. The ASA have however decided not to take action in this instance.

Ikea marketing manager Peter Wright said;

“We can confirm that no gnomes were harmed in the making of the advert. The gnomes are currently helping us in our office and most of them will be finding new homes with our customers.”

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