Ignorant Brits unaware of trees oxygen-making potential

A recent study has shown that the UK has a long way to go before it is a nation of garden and greenhouse experts.

Tissue manufacturer Velvet conducted research which discovered that a large proportion (one in six) of those surveyed did not know that trees provide oxygen, Horticulture Week reported.

Alarmingly, 78 per cent thought that one of the main roles of trees was to provide shade, while 33 per cent could not identify an oak.

However, two-thirds (66 per cent) wanted more trees planted in their neighbourhoods, with 71 per cent voting the oak as the UK’s most iconic tree.

Why Aren’t We Saving The Planet? author and psychologist Geoff Beattie explained that trees can often inspire positive associations, evidence of which can be seen in the 75 per cent of respondents who said they provide happy memories.

"It is essential that we leverage this sense of fondness and affection to build the public’s awareness and understanding of the role of trees and why they are integral to our world," he was reported as saying.

Meanwhile, Horticulture Week also revealed that garden and greenhouse fans can learn more about plants that attract butterflies in tomorrow’s (August 20th) Gardeners’ World.