Idlers vegetable timetable easy to master

A timetable for idle greenhouse and garden enthusiasts to successfully grow vegetables has been revealed.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Mark Diacono said March is the time to sow French beans, borlotti beans and peas to give the roots plenty of time to grow.

Also this month, he stated, planting cut-and-come-again salad seedlings is a great move, as is starting kai lan modules.

In April, sow a second batch of the salad leaves, as well as sweetcorn and courgettes, before planting out the kai lan.

Then, in the following month, plant out the sweetcorn and harvest the salad and kai lan leaves, the expert suggested.

Finally, he concluded, harvest the courgettes in June and the remaining products in July.

In a recent article for the Huddersfield Examiner, horticulture specialist Graham Porter said the benefits of ripping up a lawn in favour of a vegetable patch are many, including a healthier diet and more exercise.