How to spot bracket fungi

Bracket fungi can cause sufficient rot in the heartwood of a tree to cause it to topple, so it is important that gardeners learn to spot the tell-tale signs of the disease.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), tree owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by falling timber.

Fagus, otherwise known as beech trees, Fraxinus and Prunuus seem to be especially susceptible to the fungi and growers should pay special attention to them.

External symptoms include the appearance of bracket-shaped fruiting bodies on the trunk or main branches, while internal signs can be seen in the white or brown rot that appears in the heartwood.

Not much can be done to prevent the problem and even removing the fruiting bodies to prevent spore release has proved ineffective in limiting the issue.

The RHS suggested that those who notice symptoms should contact the Arboriculture Association for advice.

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