How to speed up the composting process

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who are making their own compost have been given a number of hints in a national newspaper.

The Daily Mail revealed that a combination of carbon-rich brown materials – such as dry twigs – and green substances – such as grass trimmings – which are high in nitrogen should help the pile develop into a nutritious compost.

It should be regularly turned over to help speed the process, while adding a little soil should also encourage the bacteria to get to work, the article revealed.

Cutting materials down to little pieces will assist the process, allowing it to rot more quickly, while a mixture of wet and dry materials is also essential.

"You can dry wet compost with torn-up fibre egg cartons or cardboard. Dry mixes can be watered and, if youre a bloke in a reliably private garden, peed upon," the newspaper advised.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail also recently issued advice on how best to protect seeds and food crops from mice, which it explained are particularly hungry at this time of year.