How to repair a damaged garden and greenhouse hose

Garden and greenhouse growers have been given some advice on how to repair a faulty hose.

According to In2Town magazine, fixing a problem can save cash and will prevent having to buy a new pipe.

Whether a hose develops a kink or splits, the way to address the issue is similar, the article stated.

Rather than cutting out the affected section and putting in an expensive and sometimes impractical joiner, the magazine suggests using a small section of excess hosepipe to reinforce it.

This should be around three inches long or big enough to cover the damaged area, it stated.

It should then be cut down its length on one side to enable you to use it like a bandage – this can be made easier by leaving it in hot water to soften, the magazine advised.

Wrapping it round the broken hose should enable it to act like a splint, reinforcing it.

The article also recommended sealing the split in the hose with a sealant to stop the water leaking out.

Meanwhile, another article in the magazine explored the merits of using compostable planters that can be used as mulch once they have served their time as pots.