How to relieve stress – get into the garden

While laughter may be the best medicine, a national newspaper has claimed that gardening is the best therapy.

A report in the Times told how the author feels that using her garden and greenhouse to maximum effect helped her cope with her mothers battle with Alzheimers.

She noted how growing plants and food lifted her spirits and staved off depression – an ailment which horticulture has long been known to help with.

In the late 19th century, a philanthropic group was set up to distribute plants to the poor.

The idea was that having something to take care of could help focus peoples minds and allow them to take pride in their surroundings.

Another observation made by the author is that gardening is becoming popular in new demographics.

Once the domain of the older man, horticulture is increasingly becoming the pastime of women, younger men and families.

Gardening enthusiasts were yesterday (May 3rd) given a chance to view a number of private sites across the capital as part of the Royal Horticultural Societys Great London Garden Trail.