How to re-pot for winter

With winter approaching, growers may be considering taking more tender plants from the garden and temporarily re-homing them in the greenhouse.

The News Sentinel recently published some advice on precisely this topic, instructing Americans just how to go about re-potting a plant.

Plants should be carefully removed from the ground or outdoor container they are in by handling the root ball, rather than pulling on the plant itself.

Once this has been done, the soil should be rinsed off the roots and plant, before placing it in water to keep the roots moist.

The indoor container should then be cleaned with soap and water and the drainage holes covered with a layer of small stones or some other filter.

A two-inch layer of sterile potting soil and fertiliser should then be added, before the plant is set inside.

The rest of the pot can then be filled up carefully, making sure not to put too much pressure on the plant.

A thorough watering should be allowed to drain away and any excess soil that is required can then be added.

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