How to keep your lawn "lush"

Keeping the lawn in good condition and looking "lush" was recently the subject of an article on internet resource Next, which highlighted the benefits of this part of the garden.

Whether it is next to your conservatory, separated by a path or just a small strip in front of the house, a lawn can be aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly as it draws carbon dioxide from the air and gives off oxygen.

However, it is crucial to plant it on healthy soil rich with compost, Next suggested.

It advised those with green fingers to avoid using chemical fertilisers as these can negatively impact the life of the soil.

Before mowing, the grass should not be too long. Make sure the blades of the machine are sharp as this will create a more even surface, the website said.

Run a sprinkler in dry weather for a couple of hours to help the root system become stronger and thoroughly hydrated.

The tips come a few days after the National Home Building Council advised consumers that now could be a good time to start structural work on a house, because the current financial climate has led to more competitive prices.