How to keep the garden green in summer

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some advice on getting their lawn back to its best after blistering heat scorched grass across New Jersey.

According to, even the most avid growers have struggled to keep their green spaces healthy thanks to the sun and the water restrictions in place.

Gardening centre owner Jennifer Sanguiliano told the online resource that many plants can still be saved.

"Someone missed this shrub in the watering when it was 90 degrees, so we lost the tops of the branches," she said.

"Well come out, well cut back whats brown, and then the new growth will come in."

Ms Sanguiliano explained that the key to getting plants and the lawn back to their best is to give them lots of water, both in the morning and in the evening.

Leaving the grass a little longer is also advisable as this will stop it becoming scorched as easily.

Meanwhile, the Commercial Appeal has advised gardeners to ensure they give their eggplants plenty of water during the summer.