How to keep critters from the garden

A website has advised gardeners on how to deal with the common problem of animals interfering with their prized plants.

Horticulture lovers can spend hours in the garden and greenhouse, only for the fruits of their labour to be spoiled by rabbits, deer or cats.

These otherwise lovable species are a "common, perpetual annoyance" to growers, according to

However, the online resource has a few ideas for keeping wildlife at bay.

It suggests determining where the damage is coming from and taking appropriate steps to defend plants against that particular critter.

Gardeners should avoid messy, dangerous chemicals, the website advises.

Instead, natural alternatives can be used to dissuade animals from munching on vegetable or rose gardens.

Organic solutions smell better and are not harmful to the animals or humans they come into contact with, the article explains.

They work by temporarily disrupting the scent and taste of plants while they grow, meaning they are less attractive to would-be pests.

Yesterday (May 20th), Encore Azalea revealed the second edition of its digital magazine for gardeners.