How to grow tomatoes in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

The wide range of features offered by Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses enable you to grow a wide selection of plants, including your own fruit and vegetables. For those looking for something that is easy to grow, tomatoes are a great choice. When grown organically, tomatoes offer a wide range of benefits and are much healthier than the supermarket variety.

In order for your tomatoes to thrive, the conditions within your greenhouse will need to be just right. Those with a heated greenhouse can begin sowing tomato seeds in winter, usually around Christmas and plant them out in March. The tomatoes should then be ready by May. However, in order for tomatoes to be grown using this method, your greenhouse will need to remain heated. Those with an unheated greenhouse can begin sowing tomato seeds in early March and plant them out in late April or early May. The tomatoes should be ready by July.

Tomatoes need good quality compost. If you are planning to grow a large number of tomatoes, then use the method of sowing thinly in trays with seed and cutting compost.
When growing tomatoes, you may wish to look at the different methods available and decide which will be the most beneficial. Grow bags are a popular choice and are an ideal method for those wishing to cut down on costs. When using grow bags, fill the bags with compost mixture and cut two holes in the top. Grow bags offer many advantages, the main ones being that less compost is required and there is less chance of the soil becoming contaminated. However, extra care needs to be taken when using grow bags. You will need to water your tomatoes more regularly and there is more chance of your plants becoming waterlogged.

If you wish to use a method that requires less watering, then grow your tomatoes directly into the soil instead of using grow bags. The soil retains the moisture and therefore the plants require less water. However, there is an increased risk of pests and diseases when using this method, so you will need to replace the soil annually.

To keep your tomatoes at their best, use a high potassium fertiliser at least twice a week. Your tomato plants will need plenty of support as they grow, so tie the main stem of the plant to a cane. Any leaves below the first truss will need to be removed once the plant reaches 4ft tall. Make sure that your tomato plants have plenty of ventilation during the summer.

Once your tomatoes have a rich colour, they will be ready for harvesting. Always take care when removing the fruit from the plant.

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