How to Grow Peppers in your Greenhouse

To maximise the use of your Greenhouse, a good ideas is to plant vegetables such as peppers. Numerous delicacies require the use of peppers as added flavour or spice and if you have an abundant supply in your own garden, you can even experiment by adding peppers to other cooking styles. Now, how to grow peppers in your greenhouse is quite easy. The process is not difficult especially to those who simply love their garden and who are green fingered, however, since peppers require lots of warmth, fertiliser and proper attention it is best that you install your greenhouse with a heating system ready in time for the harsh winter months. You can search for greenhouse accessories at Gabriel Ash who are equipped with a variety of greenhouses and other accessories to enhance and improve its functionality. In addition, if you are planning to add more tasty vegetables to your greenhouse, you must arrange and assign spaces properly as there are certain plants that need ample space, especially the legumes.

Peppers can be sown in a 3-inch pot and when large enough should be transferred to individual containers or pots of at least 8 inches in size. Regular watering is required with sufficient draining holes to prevent the peppers being soaked the whole time. Putting on mulch is necessary to always keep the roots cool. To assist healthy growing, applying a slow-release fertiliser is ideal as it keeps the pepper regularly fed. Always examine the leaves of the peppers and as soon as you see pests accumulating, gently wash the leaves with water mixed with mild soap. Do not hurry your peppers to grow by adding too much fertiliser as it takes a few months before they flower and bear fruit. Too much fertiliser destroys the ability of peppers to bear fruit.

Keep in mind that peppers require sufficient area for growth as when the roots are hindered to spread, it will not flower or bear fruit. With enough space, proper supply of sunlight, enough quantity of fertiliser, mulch covering, and constant water supply, your peppers will grow healthy and abundantly. Always provide the materials and accessories you need for your greenhouse so that edible plants together with the flowering plants will thrive throughout the year. At Gabriel Ash, you can find all your greenhouse needs and other tips on greenhouses and greenhouse growing. You can also review the gardening news and updates including the eco gardening section, which will enhance your knowledge of the healthy growing of plants.

If you do not have a greenhouse yet and you are not sure what kind you need to grow your preferred plants, visit our Greenhouse Section. Browse through the available greenhouses and consult a member of their knowledgable team about gardening tips and advice. You can grow other varieties of plants, fruit and vegetables, just make sure your greenhouse is efficiently installed and accessorised to meet the growing requirement. For peppers alone you have several varieties to chose from and each variety requires a specific way of caring for it. Make your greenhouse a place of comfort and source of food by growing both flowering and ornamental plants.

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