How to get a London allotment

Garden and greenhouse owners in London who are considering stepping up their food growing could consider an allotment.

The extra land is ideal for churning out fresh fruit and vegetables and the Islington Tribune has explained how best to go about getting one.

One approach, it suggests, is to take over a plot of disused land such as a grassy area or forgotten about house plot.

Another is to garden share with a neighbour, which usually involves giving them a share of your harvest in return for you using their land.

Growers could also volunteer at a local community garden, which many London boroughs now have.

Islington itself is investing one-million-pounds on food-growing projects, including the development of a new allotment site.

The Islington Organic Growers might be a good place to contact with a view to growing your own fruit and veg.

Meanwhile, garden and greenhouse growers may be interested in the Guardians recent tips on fighting potato blight.