How to get a head start on sunflower seeds

UK gardeners can get a head start on growing sunflowers by placing them in the greenhouse, it has been suggested.

Growers can use their greenhouse to get the best out of sunflowers and avoid the lottery of the UK summertime, it has been claimed.

According to the Northern Echo, it can take just 60 days for the plants to flower after the seeds are sown.

However, this is during a long hot summer and those hoping for similar results should start theirs off in the greenhouse around March, before transplanting them to a sunny spot in the garden in April or May.

One seed should be planted per three-inch pot by placing them 1cm into compost before watering gently.

Meanwhile, the newspaper advised that March is a good time to move or plant evergreens due to the change in weather kick-starting root activity.

"Bare-rooted hedging evergreens should be planted quickly now, and watered well over the next three months," it stated.

Meanwhile, BBC News has revealed that the National Trusts Kingston Lacy estate in Berkshire has installed a number of allotments.