How to choose a greenhouse

Gardeners planning to build a greenhouse have been given some design tips in the Examiner.

The online resource suggested the purpose of the greenhouse should dictate its size, style and location.

One that is to be an extension of the living space should obviously be attached to the house, with the necessary environmental controls factored in, it suggested.

However, if your needs are simply for protecting plants it can be located anywhere on your land, the article stated.

It added those greenhouses specifically being used for growing fruit and vegetables should be located close to the house for practical reasons.

"Once you are clear on how you will be using your greenhouse, you can decide how big it will be, how attractive you want it to be in the landscape and how close to the house you want it," author Jane Gates wrote.

She advised creating a path to the glasshouse so wheelbarrows and other heavy items can be manoeuvred without added difficulty, while it is also important to remember electrical and water lines might have to be re-routed to the structure.

Another recent Examiner article looked at judging when to harvest crops to maximise the growing season without leaving it too late.