How to choose a garden and greenhouse assistant

Americans who pay a maintenance man to keep their garden and greenhouse looking good should put a little effort into choosing one, it has been claimed.

According to the St Helena Star, learning the names of a few of your garden plants can be a good way to test potential gardeners knowledge.

Knowing that the person being paid to do the job is competent enough to do it will be a big relief and ensure that the garden and greenhouse are kept in the best condition possible.

Other tests for potential gardeners are whether they can tell the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees and annual and perennial plants.

While a perennial may last for a number of seasons, an annual will grow to maturity, seed and die all in the one year.

The newspaper added that changing the lawn to gravel paths or a patio could save money and mean less effort is necessary.

Meanwhile, the Daily Press has recently given readers advice on how to properly prune trees.