How to attract hummingbirds

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may want know that attracting wildlife to their green space is a vital component of their activities.

Floridians hoping to encourage hummingbirds to visit their property could be interested in a recent article in the Florida Times Union.

According to the newspaper, there are only three out of 338 known species of hummingbird that regularly appear in the state.

However, the most common of these is the ruby-throated hummingbird, which measures just three inches long.

They can be recognised by their metallic green backs and white-tipped tail feathers, as well as the ruby colouring on their throat that gives them their name.

Artificial feeders can be used to attract the species and the newspaper advised gardeners to invest in one with a perch on which the birds can enjoy a meal.

This feast should be made up of a quarter cup of white granulated cane sugar in one cup of boiling water and the nectar mixture should be changed every three to five days.

However, a sweeter solution or honey could have an adverse affect and even kill the birds.

Meanwhile, the Indiana website has suggested that growers should make the effort to eliminate chemicals from their garden and greenhouse and instead use natural products that help the environment.