How savvy financial planning can pay for a greenhouse

Gardeners looking to invest in a greenhouse in the coming year should take a look at their current outgoings before dipping into savings, it has been revealed.

Price comparison site has suggested that shopping around for better deals on expenses such as mortgages, utilities, telecoms and insurance can save the average household in excess of £2,500 per year.

Simply by switching mortgage to a deal that charges just one per cent less interest can save a homeowner up to £1,000 per year, based on a 25-year, £150,000 capital and interest mortgage.

Being clever about other financial aspects such as where savings are stored could also maximise the potential of the savings.

A higher interest savings account could make a big difference over the course of the year if a homeowner has a substantial amount saved.

Shopping around for the best deal once a year may be time-consuming but by saving thousands of pounds it could be well worth it.